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Just a test scene we built to play with some lighting and models. Specifically focusing on the ambient lighting type and how the suns and planets should light the scene as well as how the ships specular lighting should respond. The main scene may take a long time to load, so give it a couple minutes to come up. 

F1 brings up a help menu for controls.

You can fly around, fire torpedos, get near planets, and even 'go to warp'. 

In the last few builds I have worked on optimization by reducing the number of lights needed and started setting up emissive materials to cut down on the draw calls around the ship. So far it has gained something like 30-40% performance through simple changes, so hopefully it is playable on older hardware.

Let me know of any suggestions or further optimizations it could get in the comments.


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AuthorSalty Sea Dogs
Made withUnity
TagsExperimental, Flight, Space, Space Sim


enterprise-windows-x86.zip 176 MB
Version 0.1.546.18 Jul 02, 2018
enterprise-windows-x64.zip 179 MB
Version 0.1.546.18 Jul 02, 2018


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That was a pretty cool experience. I have only one recommendation. Would be very nice to have that rear camera pulled back just a bit to see the full Enterprise and maybe to have a small amount of damping on the camera when I yaw or roll. The other camera angles were great, I could almost recreate the flyby in the show's intro.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am glad someone else got a kick out of the project.

 I haven't touched this project in several years and have a few model fixes to clean up, then will be converting it over to the new Unity cinamatic camera system, so I will try to get it to allow a bit of 'lag' in the rear camera mode.