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Hi, can you tell me the minimum specs for this application? I can see from your replies to other comments that you understandably don't expect it to be runnable on all computers so a ball park figure would be useful. Thanks

The machine we test on is an i5 3570k, pretty low end with a GTX660. One of our laptops can also run it, though it has a GTX760 IIRC. It can run on a lot of machines, though you have to turn down the effects to get it to run smooth on some.

It sees the joystick but it doesn't work, anything I do in the Controls window it closes and has no effect.

What kind of joystick are you using? Are you using a mouse in the controls window or strictly using the controller?

The Game is very laggy i was only getting like 6fps, look into it, my PC is ok

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Can you give us some more information about your machine? What OS, RAM, GPU, processor? You can email us at with it and we can take a look at what might be the problem.

Unsure how to load this is VR. Worked on monitor, nothing in vive though.

It has been tested on the Rift and is capable of both the Oculus and the SteamVR runtimes. It should pick up that you have VR attached, so once started you can go into the settings (escape) and check the Enable VR box. The UI controls for VR are still off a bit so try not to judge us too harshly on them, lol.

Wandered around a bit, it's beautiful! Doesn't run well on my laptop but it's still great :D

Thanks for the info. Were you able to dial down the settings to make it playable? We don't expect it to be able to run on every machine but we are aiming for the widest variety that we can.

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I did try to play around with the settings, but they didn't help my laptop too much (it's good at running 90's games and not much else), but I did notice that the menu lags as much as the game which might make it harder for some players to change their settings. An option to turn the fish off as well might help, not sure though. It really is nice looking when playing on the normal settings though

We did add the fauna option in a version or so back (~v298), so good timing there! Look under the performance tab and "Enable Fauna".