Version 1.2 is Available

After many long nights and busy weekends we are proud to announce the release of the HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum version 1.2!

What's New

  • The model has been heavily updated.
  • 2 entirely new decks have been added.
  • User controls have been reworked to be more 'character' like for the better usage in VR.
  • Particle effects are completely overhauled.
  • VR performance is greatly optimized.
  • Overall performance is much better
  • Lighting is completely overhauled
  • Water is updated and improved for performance
  • and much, much more...

We are closing in on being able to add in the information placards, audio tracks, guided tour points, and other museum style interactions. We look forward to the feedback on the new model!


HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum x64 404 MB
Version May 06, 2017
HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum x86 449 MB
Version May 06, 2017
HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum osx-intel 310 MB
Version May 06, 2017

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I did experience what I thought was a small bug. I went under deck and the audio changed to an "under deck" ambient audio sound. (sounds of water lapping the hull). I returned to the top deck and the "under deck" audio was still playing up top. Sounded a bit strange.