Release Stages Plan

The game is planned to be released in several stages:

  • Island Survival
    • This game state is simple. Start on an island, survive on it long enough to gather materials and tools, harvest items for building, and build/use a raft (later boat) to explore more islands in the world.
    • The world will be selectable by the player in terms of size and composition.
    • The world will only have the player, elements, time, and some environmental AI that will be roaming the world (i.e. no human characters that are interact-able other than as an enemy).
  • Blackbeard the Builder
    • Player can construct buildings
    • New ships become available
    • Ships start to show customization options
    • Guns become available
  • First Contact
    • Builds upon the first stage by adding in some human AI and some more exciting enemies.
    • World will have even more biomes with the world changing in style as the player moves through it
      • Moving north/south will change the temperate nature of the world (colder near the poles)
      • Moving east/west will change the type of architecture and vegetation
    • First interact-able humans that don’t want to kill you (at least at the start).
    • Trade and quests start appearing
  • Pirate Hunter
    • Ship combat starts to take a role in both quests and trading.
    • Cities begin to take shape
    • Seas start to show who ‘controls’ them
    • Ship crew becomes available.
      • Hire or recruit crew to help man the braces!
  • Merchant Marine
    • Cities begin to trade with each other
    • Merchants sell commodities in addition to items
    • City Governors start to affect the region
    • Trade routes, piracy, and pirate havens take shape
  • Sea Titans
    • Regions take shape
      • A region can be divided on biome type, location, or even simple randomization
    • Seas are ruled by the ‘Sea Titans’ that are the kings of their respective region
    • Player can now attempt to clear a region of the Titan’s forces and claim the region for themself
    • Final game is now taking shape. From here on out it is just bug fixes and new content!

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